Maid of Honor Speeches
Maid of Honor Speeches
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"The speech package was the best thing I could have found. I knew what I wanted to say, but to have a framework of how to say it saved me from making an idiot out of myself! I was prepared with a solid opening, to the point memories, and a warm closing. My mind was put to ease from reading the examples and the tips were wonderful. "
--Lisa Robinson, Little Rock, AR

"I already had a good idea of what I had wanted to say, the bride is my cousin and we grew up together.  The Maid of Honor Speech Package helped me to organize it and gave me a couple of really good ideas, as far as making it meaningful but also making people laugh.  After the speech people came up to me and told me how great it was... I made them laugh, and also made some of them cry.  I felt really good about it.
--Lisa L, San Diego, CA

"Both the Best Man and myself gave a speech, everyone was silent throughout the time the Best Man was reading his speech and when he was done people clapped just a little. The whole time I was reading my speech people were laughing and clapping. When I was done they would not stop clapping. Later that evening many people, man and women came up to me and asked me how long it took me to think of the words to say, they loved it and thought that I put allot of time and effort into it. Off course I let them think that, just kidding. I did tell some people where I got the speech from. This was my third time as a Maid of Honor and this was the first time I gave a great speech. THANK YOU ULTIMATE SPEECHES.COM"
--Juline Paul, Miramar, FL

"I bought this the night before my sister's wedding...... I had many ideas, but I wanted to say something great, and I just couldn't pull my ideas together. I used a speech from you web site, word for word (except of course the names) and I haven't told anyone that I "bought " the speech.... every one complimented me on the speech. It was absolutely perfect. I would totally reccomend this to anyone who needs to give a speech or toast. Thank you."
--Victoria, Independence, OH

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